How To Make Money Blogging

Let me explain you step by step how you can start making money with Blogging. This article starts with the knowledge that you already have installed wordpress on your domain website. In the end, we will even provide you with a download checklist on How To Make Money Blogging.

First Step

First you need to have a blog. The most common blog platform is wordpress. Just inform your hosting provider to install wordpress for you. If you do not know how to install wordpress or design wordpress sites (which are not too hard), just send me an email, and I will help you with Videos explaining how to install and design basic wordpress website.

Blogger can also help you setup your new blog site running in a matter of a few minutes.

After you create a blog site that is fascinating, currently it is time to begin generating income.

Second Step

The second step is ofcourse your content. You should start writing content on your blog about the topic you have an interest in. Begin by writing at least 3 post a day. Each post should be a minimum of 300 words, although 500 to 700 words is ideal. Put some images and videos in the blog post also.

If you are passionate about the topic of your blog, words should flow automatically and you will be able to write creatively. Dont think too much on keywords and making profit as of now. It’s too early. Blogs will begin to see a fair amount of traffic within 3-6 months, if you keep on writing posts everyday, or atleast every other day.

Just keep writing

Remember, this is the most crucial step. You need to keep writing content regularly to keep your blog fresh with content. Most people avoid posting content after few days and lose their visitors and traffic. Don’t do that.

The Third Step

The third step is traffic. This step of obtaining visitors is the most vital, if you intend on generating income. Know this clearly. If you have kept writing on your passionate topic, traffic will come. Google will know and so will others.

Using Social Media

Another important step here is to create social media accounts on at least 2 major platforms, ie Facebook and Twitter. This will further boost your traffic and also bring authority to your website.

Connect Social Media Accounts

Another important step most bloggers will ignore is connecting their social media account with their blogs. In wordpress, you will find a plugin to connect Facebook and Twitter to your blog. What this will do is that whenever you post a new article to your blog, it will automatically get posted to Facebook and Twitter also. This will keep your social accounts also active.

The Fourth Step

The fourth step on how to make money with blogging, is choosing exactly how you will certainly make money from your blog site. This step is called monetizing your blog. There are several methods of monetizing. This post is not enough to list and explain each one of them. But a few major ones are..


Once you have an intriguing blog on one particular topic, the very best place to start making money is Google AdSense. Plugins have made it extremely simple to include AdSense ads to your blog site.

Adsense from Google is monetizing your blog with ads from Google. If you have a gmail email id, you can also create a new adsense account. In adsense account you will find several types of ad formats. Choose 2-3 types of ad formats and apply them to your blog. Adsense has some documentation and videos which will help you to put adsense code on your blog. Also you will find there are a few plugin available in WordPress which will help you monetize your blog with Adsense ads.

The advertisements that show up on your blog will certainly be targeted in the direction of the topic of your blog site, which indicates if you have a blog site regarding canines, the advertisements that appear on your blog will certainly take care of pets. It resembles Google is paying you to market on your blog site.

Note: Do not be in a hurry to put ads on your fresh blog. Always first have a minimum of 10-15 articles and only then monetize it.

Content Topic

You should attempt to keep your blog on the very same topic on all your message, being that you can have an unrestricted number of blog sites, you can have a blog site for any kind of and every topic you pick. Make sure to begin a new blog if you are absolutely off the primary topic of the blog site that you are publishing to.

Try not to upload a write-up about pets on a blog concerning golf.

Affiliate Income

One more means to generate income with your blog site is with affiliate programs. Companies will pay you good commission to promote their products, and all you need to do is put a link or banner on your blog.

When a sale is made the company will pay you a commision ranging from 10% upto as high as 70%. That is the reason you must pick one subject for your blog site. If you want to have a blog regarding your life, of course do it, but you need to have other blogs about other interesting topics to really make money.

Once you discover a topic that passion you, seek associate programs for that particular subject. With the pet blog example, there are a number of dog training items that you can have web links and banners to on a pet blog that will help you make good affiliate income.


ClickBank is the leading firm when it pertains to affiliate products, they have more than 10,000 products to pick from. Browse their products to see which ones you would love to advertise. Undoubtedly you intend to choose something that fits the topic of your blog site, but do not limit yourself to just one, you can change the ad with a couple of clicks.

The very essence of creating your blog and making money is by advertising and marketing.  That means, you should pay attention to your blog content in every way, in every word or sentence you write. Thereafter proper placement of the ad, will pay you rich dividends in the time to come.

Feel and Look

Once you have enough content on your blog, you also need to look how your site looks. Update the look and feel of the website every few months with new look appeal and designs. This will really make your readers love your website and keep coming to it very often.

There are many beautiful themes available for wordpress blogs. If you feel overwhemled by changing theme and designs, let it remain the same until you master your blogs and its settings.


The above steps written is a sure fire way to build and monetize your blog and earn money. Although it is short, but it contains the complete steps you need to do on How To Make Money Blogging.

Download “Make Money Blogging” Checklist

We have created a complete step by step checklist pdf for you. Just click below to download the checklist, print it and follow the simple step by step instructions for success with making money with Blogging.

Download Checklist

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